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College at a glance

1. The college proudly boasts of a set of dedicated staff who are constantly striving to propel the college towards progress despite of several challenges and extreme staff crisis.


2. The college is perched on 14 acres of green land beside river Atrayee and is home to various varieties of plants and lots of open space and greenery.


3. Since the college is peopled by students from the remotest fringes of the district and are economically challenged the college adopts various measures to provide aid and relief to the students like- Minority scholarship, Half-free Full-Free scholarship, merit scholarship and various government and NGO scholarships.


4. Our college is fully equipped to provide support to differently-abled students and we have a separate club to enhance their extra-curricular activities along with their academics.


5. The college has a newly installed Sanitary napkin vending machine along with incinerator for the hygiene of the students and regularly organize various awareness programs to promote use of sanitary napkins amongst the students.


6. Our college has ranked first position for BA pass result under UGB for 3 consecutive years 2015-17.


7. We have a well furnished and technically equipped library and 3 separate departmental libraries and a reading room.


8. We have digitally equipped classrooms which are used at regular intervals and innovative teaching learning and evaluation system. We share a very intense teacher-student-guardian bond which forms a strong feedback network.


9. We have implemented bio-metric attendance system for all staff.


10. Sports and Physical education is a very strong department in our college and many students especially female candidates perform very well at the district and state level wining several prizes for the college.


11. The college is extremely proud of its NSS and NCC Units , who regularly organizes programs and various awareness camps in the college and is also responsible for maintenance and beautification of the college.


12. The college strictly adopts No-ragging policy and strict disciplinarian action is taken against any infringer of this code of conduct.


13. We take up several schemes for student welfare and perform our social responsibility seriously. We provide value education alongwith academic orientation.


14. We strictly observe online mode of admission and no-cash policy at our campus- our own little contribution to digitalizing India.


15. We are endeavouring to make our college and community eco-friendly and green as reflected in best practices.

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