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About Library

The college proudly boasts of one central library and three departmental libraries. The Library is well equipped with a reading room and is technologically advanced. The library has a collection of more than 5000 books including some rare titles. It has journals both print and electronic and has subscription to Sodh-Sindhu and INFLIBNET-NLIST programs. The library is equipped with a Xerox machine, separate computer for issue and return of books. Book issue system is also bar code enabled. It also operates completely online and is powered by KOHA software.
We have a separate section in the library which shelves competitive books, journals and dailies enabling students to prepare for career oriented goals along with the academics.


  • 1. Central library is NO-MOBILE ZONE.
  • 2. Students must wear ID card all times.
  • 3. Scan your ID card in the computerized Attendance System at the Gate at the time of entry and exit.
  • 4. Maintain strict silence in the Reading Room and other areas .
  • 5. DO NOT entre the reading or lending section with your baggage. Keep them in the selves at the Gate Counter.
  • 6. Scan the library notice boards regularly (Both website notice and outside the library premise).
  • 7. ID card is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Using someone else’s ID is a punishable offence.
  • 8. Kindly cooperate and interact gently with library staff
  • 9. In case of any difficulty library users can approach the Librarian or Library Peon or Library Committee.
  • 10. Only present students and staff of the college can use the Library. No ex-student or outsiders are allowed to use the Library.
  • 11. Any indiscipline in the Library will lead to cancellation of membership and / or serious disciplinary actions.
  • 12. Students should clear all library dues in time to obtain Hall Ticket/Admit Card Before Exam.
  • 13. Students and Staff members must settle all library dues to obtain Clearance Certificate from the library Office on completion of studies or duty.
  • 14. Sleeping, eating and having refreshments inside the Library are strictly prohibited.
  • 15. Do take care of library books and journals.
  • 16. Two books for Honors’ students and one for General students can be borrowed at a time against his/her ID ; books should not be same.
  • 17. Get the due date stamped on the date slip inside the book from the Gate Counter.



  • 1. Two books for Honors students and one for General students can be borrowed at a time for 14 days, which are further renewable for 14 days(except in special cases).Books borrowed should not be identical.
  • 2. Be present in person with your own ID card while borrowing/returning/ the library books.
  • 3. Borrowed books should be returned on or before the stipulated date mentioned on date-slip inside the book.
  • 4. For delay in returning a book students have to pay a fine of 3 / day per book
  • 5. Check the condition of the book at the time of borrowing. If any mutilation found , report instantly to the concerned library staff. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.
  • 6. Open Access is for your convenience. DO NOT misplace the books while selecting from the selves. After consulting books DO NOT shuffle them but place them in PROPER PLACE.
  • 7. Remember book hiding and misplacing are punishable offence for both students and staffs.
  • 8. If books are lost or damaged (including marking on the pages), borrower must replace the book of same edition or latest edition without any delay.



  • 1. The books marked as “FOR READING ROOM ONLY” and periodicals (both journals and magazines) are meant only for reading consultation inside READING ROOM ONLY,cannot be taken out.
  • 2. You will be allowed to take THREE BOOKS at a time for study in the Reading Room.
  • 3. After taking a book from reading Room self, make an entry at the Reading Room Counter by depositing the ID card.
  • 4. Do not scatter the pages of news paper when reading.
  • 5. DO NOT misplace books while selecting from the shelves. After consulting books return them at the counter.
  • 6. Usage of computer is meant to be used only to study not for personal purpose. Vulgarity is punishable offence.



  • 1. The photocopy section is for LIBRARY BOOKS,JOURNALS AND QUESTION PAPERS ONLY.The class notes ,outside papers and books are strictly NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED HERE.
  • 2. Place your requisition for photocopy at Library Office.
  • 3. Maximum twenty pages can be photocopied at a time; Cost is Rupee One and half.
  • 4. Print-outs can also be taken, per page. Cost is Rupees Three only.
  • 5. Articles in the newspapers can also be photocopied. Cost per sheet is Rupees Four only.

Notice Board