Message from Teacher-in-Charge

I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome all new students to Jamini Majumder Memorial College, an educational institution which has committed itself to striving for excellence in all branches of academics. I hope that all students of this college will be morally and ethically conscious both within and outside the college. Jamini Majumder Memorial College, with long heritage, has been catering quality and modern education to students from all sections of the society. The college aims at equipping the students adequately so that they can establish themselves in the academic world as well as in other important positions of the society. It is further to be expected that students take their rights and their duties towards themselves and others with befitting dignity. They should build on strength – theirs and others and synergize. I also seek cooperation of students, guardians and all concerned to make our effort a grand success.

Our Mission

To Spread Eaducation and Knowledge In the remote corner of our district to bulind a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Jamini Mazumder Memorial college we believe that Education is an all round empowerment of mind.

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Notice Board