The Campus of Jamini Majumder Memorial College embraces a total of 14 acres and 2,043 square meter of constructed land area. It is situated besides a massive water body and amidst tranquil greenness. The building consists of 2 floors, housing large spacious classrooms, seminar hall, virtual classroom, staff room, library, office, e-waste mangament room etc. The campus also hosts a big football playground, a mini-indoor stadium(under construction) and adorned with beautiful garden and medicinal plants. We have adopted government schemes likes Swach Bharat Mission and Nirmal Bangla Mission as we strive to achieve a sparkling clean campus. Moreover we aspire to build an environmental friendly green campus, therefore we have incorporated rain water harvesting and solar panels as alternative sources of energy.

Our Mission

To Spread Eaducation and Knowledge In the remote corner of our district to bulind a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Jamini Mazumder Memorial college we believe that Education is an all round empowerment of mind.

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