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Vission & Mission

At Jamini Mazumder Memorial college we believe that Education is an all round empowerment of mind and soul that aims at not only imparting knowledge but also enlightens, so that we can gift the society not just good students but good human beings who are assets to the nation. We acknowledge that there is no use to light a lamp where there is already bright sunlight. Thus our vision is not only restricted to serve the privileged class of students, rather we take pride in educating the non-creamy layer of students. We aim to strengthen the weak rather than empowering the strong. We desire to spread Education and knowledge
in the remote corner of our district, so that every student can dream of building a better tomorrow. We impart ethical training along with academic knowledge so that we have educated individuals rather than literate ones.


Since the inception of the college we have been very rooted to our mission of the founding members, who clearly proclaimed that me must sincerely strive –“To Spread Education and Knowledge in the remote corner of our district to build a better tomorrow.” As the college progressed we found that in order to fully realize this goal we have to incorporate concurrent issues and provide our students with a modern perspective, so that they are future ready.

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