Department of Sanskrit

about the department

From the beginning of the college Sanskrit Department had taken part of the College growth and it is continuing. It was started an elective course in session 2008-09. Next the Honours stream was opened in session 2010-11 with 30 students . But numerous effort of our department teachers it turns into 60. We are encouraging the students to attend the class through Special Class ,Smart class, Virtual Class , Seminar, remedial class, exhibition, Quiz contest, departmental tour etc.. The Department also provide them online e book,, Departmental library etc. For benefit of the students we are maintaining an academic calendar every year. our students are participating in cultural programme , different competition , curricular activities and their skill development.



Our Mission

To Spread Eaducation and Knowledge In the remote corner of our district to bulind a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Jamini Mazumder Memorial college we believe that Education is an all round empowerment of mind.

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