Department of Bengali

about the department

We have started our journey from 2008-2009(Elective Bengali).Honours (2009-2010)in Bengali,Elective Bengali and compulsory Bengali are thought.From the beginning number of student was tiny in respect,but now it turns into 91 .Numerous effort of our teachers proves the department ,a numerous.We introduced special classes,seminars,remedial classes and unit test to evaluate students for their well future. The result graph of Bengali Department is very impressive.The students of this department always take part in extracurricular,co-curricular activities and cultural programmes of the college with enthusiasm .For the benefit of study we maintain each and every year basis academic calendar. Our basic instrument,book has taken a great place in our department.



Our Mission

To Spread Eaducation and Knowledge In the remote corner of our district to bulind a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

At Jamini Mazumder Memorial college we believe that Education is an all round empowerment of mind.

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